Create Your Marketing and Communications Plan

This workshop takes participants through the process of creating a marketing and communications plan. Each session is a mixture of short lecture, discussion, brainstorming, and hands‐on tasks. There’s no theory, no jargon. This workshop is for participants to learn the creative process of planning a communications campaign, and do it, hands-on, step by step.

This is for professionals who have never created a marketing plan before, or who have done it before and want structure and support to create a new plan to address current needs and opportunities for your organization.

Each participant will create a complete, implementable, marketing campaign plan by the end of this workshop.

This workshop is now available as series of 3 private online sessions via Zoom.


Past Courses & Presentations


Creating Impact as a Network of Cultural Organizations

  • Keynote, Downtown Jewish Community Council

The Power of Collaboration in the Arts Sector

  • Keynote, Symposium: Arts, Culture, and the Jewish Community

Programmatic Marketing for Arts & Entertainment

  • 7-week course, Ryerson University Chang School

Marketing & Promotion for Independent Musicians

  • 7-week course, Seneca@York Independent Music Program

Marketing Strategies for Arts Organizations

  • Workshop, Akimbo Art Promotions

Create a Marketing Plan

  • Lecture, Glenn Gould School

Communications for Indigenous Musicians

  • Presentation, workshop, and mentoring, AMP Camp (Aboriginal Music Project), Canada Council for the Arts & Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association

Marketing and Media Relations for Touring Artists

  • Panel and workshop, On the Road Program, Canada Council for the Arts